Strategic Gender Consultancy

Strategic Gender Consultancy for the Startup Ecosystem

The value of VC, accelerator and startup strategic gender consultancy is in the creation of a long-term commitment to gender equality and diversity with a focus of establishing best practices and the right approach right from the start. Our process creates a step by step action plan that meets current challenges, establishes solid foundations and the tools to attract and retain the best talent and predicts potential opportunities and challenges in each stage of growth.
We balance the creativity of Startup and VC culture with the structure of compliance and benefits of normative frameworks via their tools and guidelines, becoming a proud member of a growing community of businesses who are driving gender equality and sustainable development transformation on international, regional and local levels.

Despite the clear evidence that gender equality leads to better business, and despite time and money spent to improve the gender matrix in the ecosystem, many VC firms, accelerators, and portfolio startups still struggle to see real results.

Our work is based on years of experience in the startup ecosystem, learning and addressing:

  • Day-to-day gender challenges of VC practitioners,
  • Day-to-day gender challenges of startup from the early growth stage onwards,
  • What VCs, accelerators and startups are doing that already works,
  • What problems still remain and why,
  • What kind of support do VCs, accelerators and startups need to move beyond these problems and make the most out of this great business opportunity.

Gender Rise’s support is designed to match the capacity and address the full scope of activity, evaluating and strategising on the most progressive framework to tackle, develop and expand a clear and measurable business plan of action.

man looking at a screen with a scale and image of man and woman