For forward thinking companies who want to attract the best talent and gain a competitive edge, our gender consultancy provides targeted and strategic support to create a clear action plan that delivers long lasting and sustainable gender equality on all organisational levels.

Gender Rise is an award-winning, London-based gender consultancy working internationally

Our gender consultancy approach sees gender as an undercurrent organising component of everyday life, affecting dynamics in the workplace. We are here to keep our client’s organisations in line with the ever changing society and its emerging gender trends. As we become more dynamic and gender diverse, so do our workplaces need to better reflect, embrace and respond to current issues such as the rights of LGBTQ in the workplace or closing the gender pay gap, to attract and retain current and next-generation employees and customers.

At Gender Rise we see gender balance in the workplace as a business incentive in terms of sustainability, resilience and growth. Looking at Millennials and Gen Zs who currently occupy more than 50% of the global workforce:

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of job seekers overall look at workforce diversity when evaluating an offer
0 %
of women look at the gender diversity of the employer's leadership team when deciding where to work
Equality and inclusivity is the second-most important factor for Generation Z
Millennials and Gen Zs are now the two most influential consumer groups

We also know that companies and organisations who understand how crucial gender is to business success and prioritise gender equality and diversity report improvement in productivity and economic growth, decrease in turnover, higher employee retainment, better managerial decision making and problem-solving, increase in employees’ engagement, satisfaction and performance, and improved reputation with audience, employees and potential talent pool. More specifically, research shows:

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higher operating margin
0 %
higher return on sales
0 %
higher earnings per share
0 %
better team decision making

To navigate this dynamic and complex field comprehensively and achieve the advantage organisational gender equality and diversity can provide requires expertise and guidance. We at Gender Rise provide consultancy services to support the understanding of the gender dimension through:

Yael Nevo
Organisational culture
Executive decision making
HR processes

All our clients reach the same realisation that workplace gender equality and diversity is no longer a ‘Nice to Have’ but a crucial pillar of business sustainability and competitiveness. Backed by our gender audits, strategic advice, gender mainstreaming policy support and training, we are here to make sure that businesses and organisations will not only improve their level of gender ratings, but become an inclusive, progressive and sustainable leader of gender equality and diversity in their sector.