About Us

About Us

Meet Gender Rise’s Director Revolutionising the World of Gender Consultancy.

Yael Nevo (She / Her) - Director

Yael Nevo is an award-winning Gender Consultant passionate about working with Companies, Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors, at the grassroot of gender change.

Yael holds a strong gender studies and international development background which allows her to see the private sector through a non-traditional lens and generate impactful ‘outside the box’ solutions. Through her 19 years of gender work Yael has collaborated with industry leaders such as Amnesty International, GIZ, UNDP, LSE and Virgin Group, and was featured in BBC World News, Badass Women’s Hour, Tide, DiversityQ, and Startups, among others.

In her capacity as a gender consultant, she has developed an international, multicultural, paradigm-shifting body of work, revolving around the creation and monitoring of dynamic and action-oriented policy work that directly leads to tangible award-winning achievements, creating sustainable change through less hype, and more strategy, directive coaching and cultural shifts that allow all genders to thrive through fast and long-lasting results.