Gender Consultancy Services

Gender Consultancy Services

Gender Rise provides gender audits, strategic gender consultancy, gender mainstreaming policy consultancy and training to address the gender gaps in our client organisations by establishing and achieving gender equality targets.

At Gender Rise we believe that in order to achieve gender equality in any organisational environment, companies must incorporate gender equality and sustainable development targets, and address them as business goals. Addressing gender inequality at work requires strategy with short, mid and long term planning, clear actionable commitments, measurable benchmarks, adequat budget, incentives, and regular monitoring and evaluation.

Some current gender inequality in the workplace examples are:

  • Gender Pay Gap – The UK currently stands at 15.5% (ONS)
  • Leadership Representation – The UK FTSE 100 has only 6% women CEOs (CNBC)
  • Work-Life Balance – Only 22% of new fathers in the UK take their statutory 2 week paternity leave (EU Equality Commissioner)
  • Sexual Harassment – 50% of women and 20% of men in the US have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace (BBC News)
  • LGBTQ in the workplace – 24% of LGBTQ employees hide their gender identity or sexual orientation in their place of work (Accenture)

We work with our clients long term to tackle gender inequality at work and make these organisations better, safer, more productive and more profitable. Our gender audits are based on qualitative and quantitative data which identifies the key gender gaps that are unique to each organisation, and informs a clear and strategic action plan in the form of a Gender-Responsive Code of Conduct. We then continue to support our clients with training for staff and the executive level and gender mainstreaming policy change to ensure that their business is in line with the most advance practices. The Gender-Responsive Code of Conduct is subject to regular evaluation and change, we celebrate our clients achievement, keep pushing the envelope and make sure that gender equality and inclusivity are always on the agenda.