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London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Provided services:

  • In House Gender Equality Advisor
  • Gender Audit
  • Gender-Responsive Code of Conduct
  • Gender Mainstreaming Training
The creation of our own unique Gender-Responsive Code of Conduct made us a lot more accountable. Whereas before, for example, gender parity on our panels was a ‘nice to have’, we weren’t 100% committed to it. And although we would do our best, it wasn't always visible in the final outcome. Now we make a really concerted effort and go back to the Code or refer to it or just mentally remember our strategy, and it becomes easier and easier to incorporate our targets into everyday work and planning. It gives us a strong framework and a roadmap that is very valuable.
LJ Silverman
Head of LSE Generate

Local Fame, UK

Provided services:

  • Gender Mainstreaming Training
My company hired Gender Rise to deliver a gender equality workshop last December. Yael's engaging and very informative presentation had my team interacting, asking questions, and sharing experiences. The learning experience was tremendous, and one of the most noticeable immediate changes was the team organically adopting gender-conscious communication. Thank you, Gender Rise, for your professionalism and outstanding business integrity!
Dani Peleva
Managing Director