Gender Mainstreaming Policy Consultancy

Gender Mainstreaming Policy Consultancy

Based on a multi-layered and collaborative gender audits, identifying and evaluating key organisational gender dynamics, main challenges, organisational needs, and main opportunities and advantages already existing in the organisation, we at Gender Rise support our clients with strategic gender planning and gender mainstreaming policy work.

Gender-Responsive Code of Conduct

The Gender-Responsive Code of Conduct is a living-breathing tool providing our clients with a roadmap to overcome gender inequality at work and achieve gender equality in business and organisations. Since our gender consultancy approach is that every organisation is unique and requires a specific and targeted action plan, each Gender-Responsive Code is bespoke.

The creation of this strategic document is done simultaneously with our gender audit through a collaborative consultation with key decision-makers in our client’s company. As we identify and discuss the unique organisational gender gaps, we also discuss potential solutions and the capacity to see them through. Following these meetings, Gender Rise then drafts the Gender-Responsive Code of Conduct.

The Code is comprised of several short sections, each with its own purpose:

The Gender-Responsive Code of Conduct is subject to annual monitoring and evaluation, where we acknowledge and celebrate our clients achievements and, if needed, make amendments to the code to insure our clients keep working towards their stated vision.

The Code’s is a short strategic document with clear and simple language aimed for everyone to read and understand. We encourage our clients to circulate the Code and it’s subsequent annual reviews amongst all employees and advertise it on their website, social media channels and other publications.

Click HERE for an example of our Gender-Responsive Code of Conduct

Gender Mainstreaming Policy

Gender Rise support our clients with the designing of gender mainstreaming policies that are specific to their business or organisation. Being an innovative leader in the gender consultancy sector, our work makes the connection between gender equality and sustainable development.

In order to gender mainstream organisational policies our gender consultancy assesses the implications of specific policies for all genders in all areas and at all levels. Based on our gender audits process, we recommend reviewing some policies, omit others which are no longer beneficial and possibly creating new ones.

Some possible gender mainstreaming policy areas are:

We at Gender Rise believe that gender-based organisational change is a marathon, not a sprint and some results will be achieved faster than others. We provide our strategic planning and gender mainstreaming policy services to ensure that our gender consultancy has a long-lasting impact and that our client’s vision becomes a full reality over time, bringing about the competitive advantage, sustainability and resilience, gender equality and diversity holds for workplaces worldwide.